Welcome Rebel Networks Clients

Dear Rebel Networks Client, 

as part of our continuous integration of Rebel Networks with Palomino, we would like to welcome you to the WebPal Cloud! 

Your Rebel Customer Service Portal account has been migrated to https://cloud.webpal.net and you will be able to log into our portal and view your account status as usual. Your existing services have been migrated to the WebPal Cloud Hosting and Service packages.

WebPal Login Portal
Your Rebel login portal is no longer accessible and you will find yourself redirected to the WebPal Login Portal. In order to access your account you will need to use the Forgot Password function while using the email address associated with your Rebel login.

We hope you will enjoy the new high-quality offering provided by the WebPal Cloud and Palomino Inc. Please also have a look at our WebPal Services: 

  • WebPal Cloud - a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective cloud and website hosting platform for business applications of any size
  • WebPal Vivos - an elegant, user-friendly digitial marketing monitoring platform that will make your SEO and Adword compaigns management a snap
  • WebPal Docs - scalable and powerful document and data management for organizations of all sizes

All of these solutions are powered by Palomino Inca long-standing service provider in Canada. 

With any questions, you can Open a Ticket or contact our support team at support@webpal.net, 905-574-1010 or 1-855-200-0320.


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