How do I manage my DNS if I only host DNS with you?

How do I manage my DNS if I only host DNS with you?

If you have DNS Hosting with us only then you need to use the following to manage your DNS settings:

1)      Open, you will see the following screen:

Manage Hosted DNS Settings

2)      Fill in the Domain Name you want to change, the username and the password for the domain

3)      Once Logged in along the top you will see a link labelled Name Servers/Extras:


4)      In here you will see the following menu:
DNS Landing Page

5)      Click Modify DNS Zone

6)      From here you can add/change/remove A records, MX records, SRV and TXT records.

7)      Once you are done scroll to the very bottom and click Save DNS Zone

Save DNS

If you don’t know your username and/or password please open up a Support ticket either by logging into the Customer Portal at or by emailing and we can retrieve the Username for you or send a Password reset link to the Administrative Email address on the Domain.

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